Filtration in BioProcess – Tangential Flow Filtration – TFF

Filtration is the process of separating the components of a solution based on their size and charge differences using a filter. It is a pressure driven process. Filtration is an important process in biopharmaceutical industry which is used right from the separation of cell mass to the final concentration of the product.

Types of Filtration
Based on the fluid flow, filtration can be Continue reading Filtration in BioProcess – Tangential Flow Filtration – TFF

The CIP Procedure

In continuation to an earlier description about what a CIP system is, the CIP procedure follows

The CIP Procedure:
CIP (Cleaning In Place) is usually accomplished through the action of chemicals by spraying or pressure re-circulating the flushing, washing, and rinsing solutions under the controlled conditions of time, temperature and chemical concentration. The flushing solution Continue reading The CIP Procedure


As discussed in the previous topics, the CIP or Cleaning in Place is today, a mandatory requirement in any process industry especially in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical. The case in Pharma and BioPharma is very severe because of contamination issues and regulatory conformance. CIP must be validated to ensure proper cleaning.

Some of the mandatory requirement of CIP solutions is Continue reading CHEMICALS / SOLUTIONS USED DURING CIP


Material Handling is a very wide topic but is the nerve of any industry. Material handling includes activities carried out to move any component, raw material, finished goods, equipment or as such anything. Commonly one could see the coolie carrying head loads. This is the most common example of material handling. Common mode of material handling in countries like India include bullock cart, Continue reading MATERIAL HANDLING – HAND CARTS

Diaphargm Valve in BioProcess Engineering

In the previous posts about the valves used in BioProcess Engineering, the important features of the valves to be used was detailed. The valve satisfying almost all the requirements is the DIAPHRAGM Valve. It is clearly stated in ASME BPE 2002 that the Diaphragm valve is to be used in the product contact areas.
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