Guidelines for Installation of Shaft Mechanical Seal

The following list provides a guideline for successful installation of Mechanical seals. This is a result of the project work done by Mr C. Vijayakumar for his Diploma in Mechanical Engineering at IGNOU.

1. Always handle mechanical seals with extreme care. Cleanliness is imperative. Never place faces face down on bench or floor. Keep seal in shipping containers until ready to install.

2. Follow seal Installation Instructions carefully.

3. Be sure all seal set screws are tight.

4. Where set screws are used as a drive between seal and shaft, shaft should be counter-sunk to receive cup point.

5. Care should be exercised in tightening gland bolts. Tighten evenly and do not spring gland.

6. Use four equal-spaced gland bolts wherever possible; API-ASME Code for Unfired Pressure Vessels should be followed wherever possible when selecting gland bolt size and spacing.

7. When tightening gland bolts, check clearances between shaft and gland with feeler gauges. This is particularly important when the gland is not piloted on the stuffing box as glands must be accurately centered.

8. Test seals statically under pressure before starting pump. Make slight adjustments in gland nuts as necessary to stop any leakage which may occur through gland-gasket.

9. Never operate mechanical seals dry. Carefully follow instructions for flushing and cooling connections where specified. Be sure suction and discharge of pump is open and a positive head of fluid is present before starting pump. This applies even to that period when checking for proper direction of rotation and adjustment of motor electrical connections.

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