The CIP Procedure

In continuation to an earlier description about what a CIP system is, the CIP procedure follows

The CIP Procedure:
CIP (Cleaning In Place) is usually accomplished through the action of chemicals by spraying or pressure re-circulating the flushing, washing, and rinsing solutions under the controlled conditions of time, temperature and chemical concentration. The flushing solution is the first one to clear out the contents of the equipment to be CIP’ed. At the end of flushing, chemical treatment starts. Usually an alkali (Sodium Hydroxide – NaOH) and a dilute acid (Hydrochloric Acid – HCL) form the chemical wash. The rinsing solution varies from soft water to Water For Injection (WFI). In a CIP system, the conductivity of the final rinse solution is checked to determine the cleanliness of the equipment subjected to CIP.

CIP of Fermentor / Bioreactor / Process & other Equipment:

Reaction Tanks & others can be effectively cleaned by distributing flush, wash and rinse solutions on the uppers surfaces at pumping rates equivalent to 7.5-10 LPM (Liter per Minute) per square feet of circumferential area (Internal) for vertical vessels and at 0.75 – 1 LPM per square feet of the internal surface for horizontal and rectangular tanks and other equipment such as mixers, bins, dryers, cyclones and centrifuges. The CIP solution is either generated internally in the tanks subjected to CIP or mixed and circulated from a centralized CIP system. The solution after entering the equipment is re-circulated using a local pump which is normally called as Mobile CIP pump. After achieving the required cleanliness after each cycle, the solution is drained. The CIP solution is normally heated up to 70ºC for better clean ability. Detergent wash is also carried out according the requirement. The time taken for cleaning has to be validated and fixed according to each process.

CIP of Piping Systems

Piping Systems can be effectively cleaned via recirculation of flush, wash, and rinse solutions at a velocity of 1.5 meters per second or more in the largest diameter piping in the CIP circuit. This velocity is necessary to assure continuous movement of the air entrained in long horizontal runs. The time taken for cleaning has to be validated and fixed according to each process. The Piping system includes Filter Housings, Valves in the lines, pumps and the components like Heat Exchanger, Condensers and others. Filter cartridges are normally removed before the CIP of the Housings.


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