Material Handling is a very wide topic but is the nerve of any industry. Material handling includes activities carried out to move any component, raw material, finished goods, equipment or as such anything. Commonly one could see the coolie carrying head loads. This is the most common example of material handling. Common mode of material handling in countries like India include bullock cart, horse cart, hand pulled or pushed carts, cycle rickshaws and motorized rickshaws called mean body vehicles. In the motorized segment it starts of with auto rickshaws and goes unto the heavy mining tippers used in mines.

To give a kick off, the hand pulled or pushed & animal pulled MHS (Material Handling Systems) are discussed.

Hand Pulled / Pushed Carts

These carts are normally used anywhere and everywhere. The shopping carts we use in a supermarket are the most common example. This is the most primitive material handling system also. Primitive man used hand pulled carts and as we know, the invention of the wheel paved the way to a drastic improvement in the MHS. Till wheel came into existence, human pulled carts and animal pulled carts only existed, but more energy was given to do the work. In the beginning, circular wheels were not available. On the go it underwent metamorphosis to form a circular one. That was when, a better and efficient material handling system was born. It grew in the ages to become the most common carts we use.

most common steel cart

The carts in shopping malls, airports, railway stations and were not? It is amazing to see a number of these carts in the roads of developing countries like India. Normally made of wood, these carts have wooden wheels with a lining of some metal usually iron over them. This covering of the wooden wheels with a metal is to reduce wear. In modern days worn out vehicle and motorcycle tires are also used in hand carts. Most of the hand carts are with 2 wheels only. But, carts with more wheels and facility to turn are also available.

For carrying cartons and boxes
common in hotels and hospitals
sophosticated Industrial cart with brake and provisions for turning

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