Bioprocess engineering (BpE) is the fundamental discipline in major growth industries around the world. This engineering specialty figures most prominently in the pharmaceutical industry where therapeutic biologicals are developed and manufactured. BpE is also at the heart of bioprocess-based industries such as breweries, winemaking, distilleries, and in current and future production of fuel ethanol.

The basics of BpE is the formulation of the correct product. This is done through a tedious Research and Development work conducted by specialists. Each field involving a Bioprocess is having its own methodology and probably it can be dealt as seperate topics.

The product formulation is followed by the approval from the concern authorities who always tend to find mistakes in the product. The proof of the functional aspect of the product also depends on the type of induatry. Animal Cell culture and Microbial Culture are the two major areas of the BpE. Chemical and other API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) industries also form a large part of the BpE.

Aerobic and Anaerobic are the major classification of BioReactor. The place where biological reactions (Fermentation, cell multification, organism growth and other similar activity) related to Bio Processing takes place in a controlled environment is called the BioReactor.

Designing and manufacturing the BioReactor is also a growing field and the need for a sophisticated control environment and fully automated system has made the Bioreactor production field a really prosperous one.

I decided to start with this topic because of the impact BioProcess is going to have on the future of drug industry.The various proteins that BioProcess Engineering can derive out will cause a major change in the human life.



  1. Bioprocess is an upcoming field to learn more and to execute more.
    Seems to be good.Interesting and full length business area if processed.


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